The Daunting Football Recruiting Process: Made Easy For You!

Every high school football player dreams of playing in the NCAA. Some might argue that college football is better than the NFL, and you will find them more passionate about their favorite teams than about the national championship. That’s how major American college football is, with their stadiums filling over 100,000 fans. 

The American college spirit is aired on television for millions to experience. And a long-standing tradition that involves fans socially gathering in parking lots of stadiums to exchange drinks and food, known as the tailgate party, has been preserved to this day. Having been charged with culture and tradition for over centuries, Americans have proved that football is more than just a sport to them.

However charmful college football may seem, it’s best not to forget how highly competitive it can be. High school players who plan on embarking on the combative journey must go through a crucial recruiting process. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s everything you need to know about the daunting process of football recruiting

For convenience and making sure you go through and check all of these, they have been put into a list for you.

How does recruitment work?

First and foremost, the first step is to understand how recruiting works.

Recruitment is a process where colleges enlist new players to play for their teams. They gather a list of potential athletes and send out recruitment letters to camps/academies, and they also conduct physical evaluations and advance verbal offers. 

Whoever gets through the process is signed by the college. And that’s the basic gist of the procedure. But it might not be simple as it sounds; there’s a number of things you need to do to put yourself on a recruiter’s radar.


A vital factor to consider in football recruitment is that the change from high school to college will be a tough one. Your days of underachieving in the classroom and overachieving in the field need to come to an end if you wish to make the cut. Talent is no longer the only aspect that could secure you a spot in the line-up; you need to do well in your studies. Academic eligibility can make and break your deal with the college that recruits you in your senior year if you don’t do well enough.

Finding a suitable college:

Like picking out the right college major for yourself, choosing a fitting college football team is key to how well you do in your endeavors. There are several great schools in America, but you have to consider the region, climate, and competition that meets your temperament.


It’s one thing to get recruited for college football; it’s an even bigger achievement to get recruited for a football scholarship. There are currently over 850 college football programs in America and Canada, and luckily, football scholarships offer a full-ride. It’s helpful to know that recruiters start looking at players as early as sophomore year in high school. However, they are not allowed to contact you yet, but it’s good to take advantage. 

Reach out to coaches:

Another attitude that works well for players is being proactive and approaching coaches yourself. It’s a great way to be seen, and you can control what and how much you show off yourself. You can start by sending an introductory email and then follow up with a phone call.

Recruitment Video:

It might seem a bit for show, but creating a striking recruitment video is 100% beneficial. It’s no secret that putting a name to a face adds more advantage to a candidate’s application. As I believe, a recruitment video allows you to be able to get your message and showcase your skills to the recruiter where they can make a better evaluation of you.

Football Academy:

Football camps are not only to help you train better, but it is also, by far, the most efficient way to get recruited by a coach. After all, where else would a recruiter go looking for players? Consider getting into good football coaching and evaluation centers. It’s where you have the best chances of getting discovered by football coaches from your dream school.

Advantages of Joining a Reputed Football Academy:

  • Football academies are a goldmine for players because all the coaches are licensed and experts. They know how to improve the game of players.
  • There is no better place to become team-oriented than a good football academy, football is all about teamwork and you can never win a match with individualism.
  • The art of football passing is very crucial in a football game, if you can’t make good passes then you won’t excel as a good player. Football academies make sure that your coordination with other players is good and you make good passes.
  • When you join a football academy you see players of different skill sets compete, which gives you very good exposure. Competing with them improves your skills as well.

As mentioned before, Americans take their football seriously, which means that the team owners take it even more seriously. In hopes to satisfy and make the fans proud, recruiters are actively looking for recruiting. A lot of effort and determination goes into attracting high schoolers to college-level football. 

You shouldn’t worry just yet if you have done all of these and still have not gotten a recruitment letter; every college and recruitment program is different and scheduled in a way to not overwhelm the players. So, just wait it out and hope for the best!

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