Top 7 Courses You Should Lookout for Masters

A master’s course is what is considered to be a pathway to one’s profession. Factors like economy, technology, relevance, and demand significantly impact the success of any master course. You can’t just pick a master based on records and popularity. If it does not par with industry standards, it will not be productive no matter how good a course might be. For master’s courses, you can pursue MBA, Master’s in Management, Master’s in Engineering Management, and other courses. 

What to Look For?

Based on many factors to consider, there is a question of passion and interest. It would help if you weighed your interest with the factors present in the current economy to choose the most optimal master course. For instance, if you are an engineering aspirant, you must follow your passion. However, the specialization you can choose is based on demand, future relevancy, employability, standard, etc.

Whether you go with your gut or standard measures, your professional career highly depends on it. As of now, the IT and healthcare sectors are on the rise and most relevant. In the past decade, significant inventions and developments have shaped the modern economy. Now everything is paced and divided into specializations. Therefore, it would be best to consider your path to maximize the benefits from the master you opt for.

Top 7 Courses for Masters

A master course itself comes with details to assist you in evaluating its pros and cons. However great an organization lists a course, the approach, curriculum, and prospects always come along. You need to analyze that critical information and weigh it against your needs and interests. However, here are the top 7 courses you should look out for master:

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Goes without mentioning that, MBA is and has been one of the most beneficial master courses throughout the years. The reason is not its recognition or a vast scope. The primary factor in pursuing an MBA is its relevance. Relevancy is why MBA has been proved the very best master course among many other courses. With a specialization in any field, you can accelerate or even turn up your profession with an MBA. You can switch between executive positions without a demotion with an MBA. If this is not enough, MBA assists you to pursue entrepreneurship, one of the most beneficial professions. Sometimes you might think is MBA worth spending 25+ lakh. The answer is yes. 

Master of Engineering Management (MEM)

It may have come as a surprise how MEM relates to being one of the best master courses available. Of course, the demand in MEM is not super-oriented and has huge employability. However, MEM is the most lucrative option in engineering. Master in Engineering Management deals with the management aspects of engineering and requires immense expertise. The professions after a MEM course are mostly executive-level and high-paid.

Experienced MEM professionals earn in six figures depending on location and level of experience.


Information technology (IT) is one of the most growing and relevant fields in the current economy. All industries are interlinked with IT and require its applications and services for day-to-day work. Positions like IT Manager, IT Director CIO, CTO are a few examples to present the scope of a master in the IT sector. With earning potential of over $150,000 annually, MSIT offers more transferable skills even more than an MBA. With expertise and optimal work experience, you can move up in any profession with an MSc IT/MSIT.

MSc in Healthcare Management

The hospital industry in India is forecast to increase to Rs. 8.6 trillion (US$ 132.84 billion) by FY22 from Rs. 4 trillion (US$ 61.79 billion) in FY17 at a CAGR of 16–17%. Apart from these records, healthcare remains the most focused sector in major countries worldwide. Due to significant education abroad and international mobility, the numbers are only increasing. And if you are more focused on non-complex specialization, nurse anaesthetist, practitioner, or any nursing specialization is highly lucrative to pursue.

Master in Marketing Management

Marketing management is a vast, versatile sector, open for development at countless stages. With increasing competition and technology, marketing management has deepened its route. A few years back, some industry-leading organizations or specifically focused companies/firms had their marketing management operation set before any operation. It was more common to reach an outside council or an independent organization to help carry our necessary operation. However, an adequate marketing manager earns six figures with average experience as of now.

Master of Finance

Finance, investment, and consulting are three major sectors in the current business and management industry. Considered one of the most accessible skills learning with high productive courses, a master’s in finance is your best way to the financial sector. One may argue that an MBA is still a better option to pursue in the financial sector. However, more specialized and unwavering demand for individuals into accounting, finance, budget, etc., makes Master in Finance a much more reliable option.

MSc in Computer Science

With a software engineering/development concentration, an MSc in computer science can be a ground-breaking opportunity for new aspirants. As far as the technology sector is concerned, computer science applications are required considerably and never out of demand. As a result, the computer science sector is expected to grow more than its average speed in the modern industry (with current marginal growth). Due to its affiliation with the IT sector, the most promising fields are software engineering and development.


Master courses in architectural engineering, political science, petroleum, sales are a few other mentions to choose from. It would be best to consider your after plans in your professional career before making a decision. A master course will impact your profession more than just limit skill-sets and work areas. It allows you to switch places and professions.

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