Buying A Ductless AC Unit For Your Home


Ductless AC units are an excellent alternative for installing new ductwork in old houses. The cost of a ductless AC unit will indeed be higher when compared to a central cooling system.

However, several homeowners prefer to invest in a ductless AC unit because they can help them to considerably lower the energy costs at their home. In addition to that, ductless AC systems can be easily installed in specific areas around your home. Here is everything you should know about ductless AC units.

A Beginner’s Guide To Ductless AC Units

Most conventional HVAC units available in the market contain both outdoor and indoor units. Such units work through the outdoor cabinet (air conditioner), along with multiple ducts and vents. These ducts and vents connect the AC unit to the air handler and furnace for cooling and heating respectively.

One of the major issues with conventional HVAC units is that installing them is a labor and time-intensive process. Smaller apartments or homes might not have enough space to host a conventional HVAC unit. This is what makes ductless AC units an excellent option for such homes.

The working of ductless AC systems is pretty similar to the working of a central system. However, the difference is that the fan and evaporator coil in ductless units are housed inside the same enclosure. They are called ductless units because they do not need vents or ducts to deliver cold or hot air.

Buying A Ductless Unit

Ductless mini-systems have not yet gained as much popularity as conventional AC systems even though they have been available in the market for some time. You will need to consider a number of factors before investing in a ductless AC unit and some of them are listed below.


As mentioned earlier, the cost of ductless AC systems will be a lot higher when compared to central AC units. A reliable but simple ductless AC unit cost can cost you around 1000 dollars whereas the cost of higher-end units will be around 5000 dollars.

Another important thing to note is that the cost of multi-zone units will be high when compared to single-zone units. Winter heat pumps and other additional features will increase the overall cost of the unit. It is best to seek the help of a professional ductless AC unit service before settling for a certain ductless AC model.

Consider The Power And Cooling Area Of The Unit

You will initially need to determine whether you want to cool a single space inside your home or if you want to cool multiple living spaces. If you have already decided on that, then you will be able to decide on whether to invest in a multi-zone or single-zone system.

The number of British Thermal Units (BTUs) of the unit needs to be appropriate for the square footage of the room if you want the unit to run efficiently and effectively. Multi-zone units will have approximately 60,000 BTU while single-zone units will contain 6,000 BTU for a 150-250 square foot room.

Ductless AC Types

There are two different types of ductless AC units available in the market and they are called multi-zone and single-zone units. Single-zone units are capable of heating or cooling just a single room or space inside your house. On the other hand, multi-zone systems are capable of conditioning two to six rooms.

Multi-zone units are equipped with an innovative and advanced climate control system, which will separe your home into different sections for effective cooling and heating. These types of units ensure better control over the unit, significant savings, and personalized comfort to homeowners.

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